What is Homebound Project?

Homebound Project is a movement that we have formed from our team (Lakeland Hometown Properties) and dedicated funds to help bring awareness to a growing problem of homelessness. Homeless may look a little different to everyone.  Not every homeless person is there by choice or lack of effort to work.  Some are just down on their luck.

Why Homebound?

We work hard every day to find people homes that they love, that meet the needs of their family and their budget. 

We can’t help but think about those that may look at the meaning of “home” a little differently.  Home may be a hotel room, a friends couch, a tent in the woods or even a shelter. Home should be a word, a feeling that is able to be achieved by anyone with the desire and the dream. 

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a phone call from someone that started in a program for housing placement from homelessness and they have succeeded to a point that they are ready to buy a house. 

What do we do?

We partner with local agencies to help meet needs that may slip through the cracks of their budget such a clothing, toiletries, tents, sleeping bags, gift cards, campground stays, bus passes and train tickets. We partner with other members of the community that may have the furniture or other items that they need.  Whatever we need to do to help these families, we try our best. 

We hear a lot about needs from families that have hit temporary hardship and have nowhere to go.  Did you know that Women’s shelters can’t take older children, especially boys?  Did you know that there is no shelter for married couples, families, single dad’s with daughters? Imagine having no family and raising a 13 year old on your own.  Now imagine that you have a medical disorder that requires surgery.  Bills are tight as they are so disability coverage wasn’t an option.  Out of work.  Landlord isn’t concerned with your inability to pay and evicts you.  What do you do? For Polk County, this is a real story.  You live in your car, you live in a tent.  You pray daily that your caseworker can find an affordable rental in a drug free area that is safe for you and your daughter while you get back on your feet.  

This is real.  This is Lakeland.  This is a problem.

We are working towards meeting these day to day needs as they arise through various events, products and an annual banquet.  

Our long term vision is to invest in affordable homes that can be rented to transitioning residents with the option for them to purchase and become homeowners for maybe the first time in generations of family. We would also like to open a boutique where these families can get clothing, furniture and home decor when they are blessed with a new home. 

How can you help?

We can always use tents, sleeping bags and camping gear in working order.  Donations can be made to homeboundproject@gmail.com or if you need a tax-exempt donation, please call us. If you think you have a passion to help, please reach out.