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Community News

This is Why We Formed Homebound Project

What is Homebound Project? Homebound Project is a movement that we have formed from our team (Lakeland Hometown Properties) and dedicated funds to help bring awareness to a growing problem of homelessness. Homeless may look a little different to everyone.  Not every...

Red, White and Kaboom

The 2019 Red, White & Kaboom will be held on July 3rd, from 6pm - 9pm and will take place at Lake Mirror along the Frances Langford Promenade. The City Saints will be performing at this free event thanks to T. Mims Corp and City of Lakeland. Even though the event...

Closing Day for Ryan Johnson and Lauren Renaud on Their New Home!

Closing day is always very exciting for our buyers, sellers and us and we would like to send a huge thank you to Ryan Johnson and Lauren Renaud on their recent purchase of 1220 Greenview Dr! There are many steps from prior to your search for a home to the closing...